Professional Multi-Camera No Edit production & live streaming

 At The Pilates Studio, in Hadley Massachusetts


Benefiting from the use of video to engage, entertain, inform and even sell more to your audience, means creating a lot of content to learn what works. Editing takes to much time. Instead we plan our videos and included ALL the details, from cuts, transitions, text, graphics, lower thirds while shooting. 


Our videos are finished when we press "Stop Record" instead of weeks and months later when we stop editing!

Watch the video to discover The Stream Suite, located in Hadley Massachusetts. 

We'll Produce Your "For Benefit" Event for Free

What better way to learn the power and effectiveness of real-time production, then to do one for the benefit of others at no cost to you or your organization.  

While we are happy to rent time to you in our stream suite, our goal is to inspire others to build their own real-time production setups so that you can produce video every day in support of your organization or mission.

Mark Firehammer

Why You Shouldn't Edit

Finding out what video content is the "right content" is a process of experimentation. You need to create lots of it as fast as possible and editing takes to long. The right time for a new piece of video content is never next week, next month or next year. It's right now." showcases our single shot production approach. We produced 1,224 polished fitness videos in 1 year

Here is one of them

WARNING: This Pilates Class is Level 3 Advanced! Bet you can't keep up with Laurie

The Stream Suite Details

  • 12 hi definition Cameras
  • 3 point LED lighting
  • 4 Channel professional audio
  • Multiple Teleprompters
  • dedicated producers
  • live real-time video overlay
  • Live lower third graphics
  • remote call in Guest capabilities using Rendezvous
  • real-time QR code invitations to join the call
  • chromakey ( Green screen capability )
  • stream live to, Facebook, YouTube, or twitch
  • stream to Multiple destinations simultaneously
  • or record to a file and take it with you.

Use The Stream Suite

For Learning or Doing, Your Choice

Hours à la carte

Quick projects, live streams or hands on learning

$125 per hour

10 hour Bundle

For more ambitious projects or Stream Suite Consulting for your space.

$85 per hour

All Pricing Includes a Producer, to help you get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Why Not Build A Stream Suite?

You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is to build a stream suite and even more blown away by how profitable it is to have one!

Here's our Year 1 to 2 Breakdown:

  • Equipment Costs: $7000
  • Staff and Operation Cost: $24,500
  • Revenue: $113,514.20
  • Net Gain: $82,814.2
  • ROI: 2.62 Times return, Year 1

A local fitness business is limited to serving local clients. With a Stream Suite you add an infinitely scalable revenue stream by selling your recorded expertise to a global market.  

Call today to discuss your project, or arrange for a tour.


Have you seen this multi camera no edit production method? Check out the Stream Suite in Hadley!

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The Stream Suite Team

Katrina Hawley, Pres. 

Laurie Johnson, VP

Mark Firehammer Executive Producer

Get in Touch

The Stream Suite, is located at The Pilates Studio in Hadley

  • 104 Russell St. Hadley, MA 01035
  • 413-320-4531

Visits are by appointment only!